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C U S T O M I S A T A T I O N   to your Specific Demands           Medical         Security        Educational       Exhibitions

Our company is able to customise stands or mounts to fit all types of environments. We work with our engineers and designers to fit or manufacture bespoke stands or produce custom parts that would support your specific requirements. We have designed and manufacture custom parts for particular wheelchairs and medical facilities.

We are able to provide solutions for restricted environments where security is of its highest priority and selected design’s that would allow constant use of the tablet device.

We understand in educational environments durability is key and your device would need to be flexible depending on the application of the Tablet Device. Our stands can be designed to a specific App usage or allow attachments that would give more functionality depending on the activity intended.

Our aim is always to work with our clients to find a satisfactory solutions that work not only as a product but as a key element to making a difference in the experience of your intended user.

Please contact our team to setup a meeting to help diagnose the issues you are facing when using Tablet devices,  so we can begin to develop ideas and find that ultimate solution.

We look forward to working with you,


Design Solution Development Team 

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